The project: Good Manners in the Dining Room

27th February 18

The project Good Manners in the Dining Room is designed to show students the importance of knowing how to behave correctly at a family or social meal and to convey a series of attitudes and values which make getting on with other people easier. We all know about the role of a family meal. At the table we exchange views, talk about interesting topics…. It is a good opportunity to strengthen family ties and friendships.

For everything that its context entails, the table is in itself a place to teach good manners. From their conduct at the table, the way they behave, eat and drink, you can perceive a person´s education. Knowing how to behave at the table is learned from infancy, acquiring habits which once they have been ingrained, become second nature.

After doing a series of game-orientated activities in the classroom, when students work on the norms of good table manners, how to use cutlery properly etc.. they go into the dining room and put everything they have learned into practice.