Trip to Italy

26th February 18

Monday Day 1: In spite of the rain, the cold, and having got up at 4 o’clock in the morning, our group was very excited about the start of our adventure. A guide was waiting for us in Padua and talked to us about the city, it’s importance within the university panorama ( it is the second oldest university in Italy) and about the San Antonio Basilica which the people of Padua call The Saint and is the main monument in Padua. Apart from the artistic wealth to be found in the Basilica, we were all surprised to discover the relics of Saint Anthony which are kept inside: his tongue, his jawbone and his vocal chords ( apparently he was known for being a good speaker). 

Tuesday Day 2: Venice was waiting for us, even more incredible than ever thanks to the carnival. The streets were filled with local people dressed up with masks and colorful dresses of the period, it was like a movie. Another guide was waiting for us there, and he told us interesting anecdotes about the history of the city and it’s most important monuments. At night,although we were tired, we wanted to explore the night life. So, accompanied by our teachers, we spent an enjoyable evening in a pub in Lido di Jesolo, a small coastal village near Venice where our hotel was.

Wednesday Day 3: Pisa is a charming city not only for its tower ( which always surprises us, no matter how many times we see it on television or visit it), but also for its lively historic centre. students enjoyed their free time here having lunch and walking around. Afterwards ( not without taking the obligatory group photo holding up the tower) we went to Asís where we also enjoyed a few hours freely visiting the San Francisco Basilica and the friendly village.

Thursday Day 4: In Florence a guide met us and took us on a walking tour through the city, from the central streets and its incredible cathedral ( with dome by Brunelleschi, as we learned) to the beautiful Ponte Vecchio. The students then had a couple of hours to explore the city on their own. When the teachers met up with them they were pleasantly surprised to discover that EVERYONE had visited the Ufizzi Gallery ( with such important works of art as The birth of Venus or Spring by Botticelli)of their own accord and also the Academy Gallery to contemplate Michaelangelo’s “David”.

Friday Day 5: Italy never stops surprising us. We thought Siena would just be one more city, similar to those already seen… but nothing was further from the truth. Siena is as beautiful or even more so than the cities we had already seen and has a great personality of its own. Full of steep streets, it’s Plaza del Campo is considered to be one of the best medieval squares in Europe, and its cathedral, a jewel in gothic style, holds in its interior small treasures such as its two sculptures by Michaelangelo.

Saturday Day 6: what can one say about Rome? Each step of the way through the city you discover a new monument from Roman times, a new church,a new Basilica, a new obelisk brought from Egypt, a charming “Piazza” or a gigantic fountain like the Fontana di Trevi. When we began our panoramic tour on the bus,our guide told us that Rome was the best city in the world. At the beginning we didn’t believe him,but I think that by the end of the day many of us agreed. By the way the Sistine Chapel and it’s secrets left many of us open mouthed…

Sunday Day 7: Unfortunately everything comes to an end…. After a couple of hours saying goodbye to the centre of Rome, the coach took us to the airport. We were all looking forward to seeing our families, but I think we would all have stayed in Italy, at least one more week…