Visit from José Carretero

7th February 18

 Jose Carretero who works at Airbus was kind enough to come in and brave 73 5 year olds anxious to tell him all they know about aeroplanes!
José explained the whole aviation timeline as well as interesting anecdotes and fables. Then we learnt how Airbus is a European company and that their aeroplanes are made in different parts of Europe. We then proceeded to make the different parts in plasticine and join them together. Afterwards we saw the fibreglass material and then what it felt like after several layers have been joined together as well as the screws used. We talked about how aeroplanes do create pollution but that solar and electric aeroplanes are being developed for the future…our children!
As a wonderful going home gift we all got a compass to always know where we are going.
As a consequence of the fabulous input from José we have worked on compass directions and world maps.
We are very grateful for a great presentation and information.

The children really enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot!