Young entrepreneurs – 3rd Year Primary

23rd February 18

In third grade IPC classes, the students have been studying the unit called “Young Entrepreneurs” and learning lots about the worlds of work, Jobs and business.

After studying the primary, secondary and tertiary job sectors, the students have also learned about important aspects of a business like; costs, profit, advertising and market research. The exit point activity required the students to form their own small businesses, design a product, do market research about it (they collected the opinions and comments of their prospective customers about their product ideas and then the students in their business groups discussing product ideas for their businesses) advertise it (they prepared their adverts so that they can advertise their products around the school to try to convince their customers to buy their products) and then make and sell the product to their peers in the playground (also the students were working on their posters to inform their customers about their products, with a picture, the price and the ingredients they contain). It was a success!!!

They´ve had a great time throughout the unit and learned a lot about business in the process.