A very special visit: SEUR Foundation

9th March 18

Education in environmental and solidarity values are cornerstones in our Centre. Because of this several years ago we decided to collaborate with the SEUR Foundation project “Bottle tops for a new life”. Since then, all of those who form the educational community have contributed to the cause.

As you all know, SEUR collects all the bottle tops and takes them to the recycling plant and with the money collected in exchange finances the high cost of treatment for children with diseases and families with few resources. 

At the same time, when we recycle plastic we are helping to reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, which is beneficial for our planet.

This morning pupils from 6th year Primary have had a visit from Francisco José Naranjo Aznar, responsible for SEUR Commercial Area in Cádiz. Francisco has spoken about the bottle top challenges which have been achieved thanks to the help of all those people who always think about giving bottle tops a second chance instead of throwing them away. The students have watched the video of Mario, one of the bottle top challenges achieved recently. 

Thank you very much Francisco for your visit!!