Visit to Pediatrics Day Hospital

20th March 18

Today we have visited the Pediatrics Day Hospital in Jerez. Our students have been preparing a repertory of songs with great excitement, many of them from Disney and other emotive ones with the central theme from the film “Life is Beautiful”. They have played cello, vioin, piano and trombone, as well as singing. All the time they have dedicated to this they have worked and rehearsed together to learn new tunes. Best of all is the goal –  to provide enjoyment for some special children who are going through difficult times. The contribution has been mutual – our students have learned a lesson of life and the children have received the warmth of the company of other boys and girls this morning.

Many thanks to the Hospital Haematology team, especially Dr Blaquez, for giving us the opportunity to have this enriching experience, and congratulations to our boys and girls.