Cantania – Partículas

24th May 18

Everything began with an adventure, knowing there was a lot of work ahead but with all the students´ faces filled with great anticipation.

The project started by attending Cantania training courses where around 100 music teachers from all over Andalusia worked together to learn all the cantata we would later have to teach our pupils.In our case all this knowledge would be instilled into 80 little people full of enthusiasm who learn from an early age to get involved in great projects, with all that this implies. Perseverance and sacrifice which helps them to be strong in the future. Team work has prevailed throughout. Apart from memorizing an eternal repertoire, they have also done many crafts in order to have everything ready at the right time.

Finally the long awaited day arrived …. butterflies, committment, excitement… an amalgam of feelings difficult to express if it isn´t with music. An adventure like this always has a happy ending and learning is not limited to an academic ambit as we also develop values which enhance  and enrich us.

Thank you all for sharing this unforgettable experience with me.