Early Years Graduation 2018

8th June 18

Once again el Altillo School decks itself out to celebrate a special and emotive act. Early Years Graduation is the perfect ending to a stage full of changes and after a great deal of effort, full of important achievements for the academic future of our boys and girls.

The celebration was a great success thanks to the children, the protagonists, who delighted us with enthusiasm and professionalism singing three fantastic songs. There was no other way to finish except with the now traditional “We promise..”

However the 5 year old pupils were not sad to say goodbye, rather they were happy to be starting a new stage with their schoolbags full of learning.

Boys and girls….. what have you learned in Early Years which will be very useful to you?

Juan (B)  and Lucia (A): to read
Elena (A) and Manuel (B): to write
Luis (C): to have many friends
María (A) and Lucas (C): to add
Clara (A) and Alejandro (C): to do work sheets.
Arturo (B): to make an effort
María and Julia (B): to think
Alejandra (B): to make bread
Manolo (B): to do exams.
Ana (A): to listen
Marina (A): to help.
Martina (A): we have learned to learn

Boys and girls, have a great trip!