Headmaster's Letter

22nd June 18

During these weeks of June in which there is an air of frenzy and nervousness at School, typical of students sitting their final exams at the same time as there are rehearsals for the dances and celebrations which culminate the academic year, I would like to share with you a double satisfaction.

On one hand, as a group, International Schools Partnership continues its international growth and expansion by acquiring new schools. On the other hand, the steady consolidation and international incentive of Laude El Altillo School´s educational model, with new projects at the forefront of teaching and new exchange programmes with schools in France, the United States and Canada.

I would like to take the opportunity in this letter to congratulate those 1st year Baccalaureate students who have reached the enormous milestone of recently obtaining C2, Proficiency level in the Cambridge University exams, an unmistakeable reflection of the extremely high educational standards which have been maintained by the hard work of the School staff from Early Years upwards.

Milestones which reaffirm our conviction that beyond the very high quality of facilities, methodologies, tools, resources and means offered by the School, none of this could be possible without the strong link School- Pupils – Family, the real essence of education, and the tremendous weight of the human relationships Teacher – Pupil which truly determines the present and future success of your children, our students.

Our gratitude to you all for the trust and continuous endorsement of our educational project by bequeathing us the opportunity to teach and help your children grow in knowledge and skills, as this only makes us demand more and better things of ourselves each academic year in the endeavour, dedication and quality of teaching that your children deserve. This is our commitment to the wonderful task of educating, improving society and the world we share.

Meanwhile we continue with our task of finalizing preparations for the next academic year, when we will once again welcome our students with new educational proposals which will enrich them even more and make them them serious,confident and responsible students.

I hope you enjoy a happy time of refreshing rest during these summer months.

Very happy holidays.


Miguel Ángel Garrán