Scientists Summer Campus 2018

5th June 18

The definitive list of beneficiaries for the “Scientists Summer Campus” programme, which organizes FECYT in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Economy, was published yesterday. It is noteworthy that this year, 1920 places have been announced throughout the country and the selection was made taking into account the academic performance of students.

Eight students have been selected from our school (Below we give details of the universities and the project on which they will be working):

1st Baccalaureate.

OUBIÑA LÓPEZ, MARINA:BIO- ITC Campus Granada University: “ Biochemistry and Biotechnology: current applications”.

DÍAZ SÁNCHEZ, ELENA:  Autonomous University of Madrid Campus: “Digital Voice processing”.

PARRES SERRANO, MARÍA:  CYTEMA Campus Castilla-La Mancha University. “Naturalize yourself”.

LLAMAS GONZÁLEZ, ALBERTO: CYTEMA Campus Castilla-La Mancha University. ” Aerodynamics of prototypes with 3-D printing”.

4th Year Secondary:

JIMÉNEZ ROA, JUDITH MARÍA:  Studii Salamantini Campus Salamanca University: “Microbian biotechnology: a source…”.

GASCUEÑA MOORE, LYDIA: Studii Salamantini Campus Salamanca University: “ The basic unit of Life ”.

RAMÍREZ FINN, PABLO: Tri-continental Atlantic Campus Las Palmas G.C University. “How to cooperate from science to improve health”.

MARÍN GAMERO, LUCÍA: Campus Ad Futurum Campus at the University of Oviedo. “The scientific bases of criminology”.