STEM Learning School Certification

1st June 18


“Congratulations Laude El Altillo School!

From LEGO Education ROBOTIX we would like to acknowledge the great work you do in your Centre to boost STEM learning and to encourage the skills and capabilities of the 21st Century using LEGO Education resources and methodology.

For this reason, we grant you STEM Learning School certification which consists of a Certificate of Recognition, a stamp, enclosed in this envelope, and digital accreditation by e-mail which allows you to give visibility to your great work.

This recognition forms part of the STEM Learning School Programme in which we annually choose and recognize all those educational centres who work towards a practical and meaningful STEM learning.

We also invite you to share articles, activities and sessions in the social media and educational forums in order to inspire other centres and teachers. Knowing your best practices helps us to annually renew this recognition.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your work and your dedication in preparing the new generations who will change the world.




Ricard Huguet

General Director