6th Year Primary Trip to Tarifa

19th September 18


Yesterday 6th year Primary students enjoyed a fantastic trip to Tarifa for sighting whales and dolphins, and also to learn about sea life. 

This activity took place thanks to Lucas Grajero and his well-deserved prize in  the Water  Consortium  Competition “Nothing like water”, when he won 25 tickets to enjoy this trip with his schoolmates, apart from a lovely bicycle. The competition took place last year, but due to the season when the competition took place they have had to wait to enjoy the well-deserved prize.
They went  to Tarifa and had a great time in a boat for sighting whales and dolphins. They had the opportunity to see pilot whales from the surface and from inside the boat through windows. Without doubt it was a superb opportunity to learn about sea life.
Many thanks Lucas from all your classmates!