Heads Programme 2018/19

30th September 18


We would like to present the new heads for the academic year 2018/2019.

It is very important for our School to not only provide our students with the necessary tools to achieve excellent academic results but also with those which help them to be better professionals and better people.

The “Heads System” Programme is made up of a group of students who are responsible for representing the student body in different areas. This group is chosen by the teachers and heads of Secondary and Bacclaaureate; and it serves as a link between teachers and students, facilitating good communication between both groups so they feel supported and heard, promoting positive values for coexistence and the academic and personal growth of the student body.

It is also a unique experience for the Heads, as they will develop skills in leadership, public speaking and empathy, among many other qualities.

The programme is lead by the Heads, followed by the Deputies.Both positions are formed by one male and one female pupil, and we present those who will be part of the team this academic year. 

Head Boy: Pablo Morillo

Head Girl: María Barrancos 

Deputy Boy: Alberto Llamas

Deputy Girl: Natalia Gallardo


Congratulations to all four! We are sure you are going to do a great job.