Swimming classses for our pupils in IPC

17th September 18


Our pupils have had a sports activity as the entry point for IPC: swimming classes. They have enjoyed a day at the swimming pool with our teachers. The monitors at the swimming pool have helped them to improve their technique so they can enjoy the water in safety.

These are some of the benefits of swimming for children:

  • It improves their motor development
  • It improves and strengthens their cardio respiratory system.
  • It improves their body image and muscular tone and they achieve better statics, movement and balance.
  • It is good for socialization as the child gains confidence by communicating and expressing him/herself in a group.
  • It helps them to feel more secure
  • It helps thoracic mobility, strengthening respiratory muscles.
  • It helps the immune system
  • It develops skills vital for survival
  • It improves intestinal mobility.

Although the best of all is that they enjoy it and have a great time!

We include some photos so you can see what a good time they had.