TEI Programme

21st September 18


Over these last few weeks the informative talks about the TEI Programme have taken place and tutors and tutored have been assigned.

It is an institutional coexistence Programme which involves all the educational community, it is oriented towards improving school integration and works towards an inclusive and non violent school, encouraging more satisfactory relationships between equals. It is preventive, global, effective and inclusive.

It is carried out by means of assigning emotional tutors. 5th year Primary students are tutors of 3rd year Primary pupils, and 3rd year Secondary students are tutors of 1st year Primary pupils. In this way the tutoring is between equals where respect, empathy and commitment are the cornerstones of its development. 

The Programme has been implanted in our School during the last two years with a solid track record – the results achieved are more than positive, improving the climate and culture of the centre as regards coexistence, conflict and violence.

In the talks our psychologist and counselor informs the students about the basics of the TEI Programme and how it is carried out by means of an extensive presentation and the projection of audiovisual media. Afterwards Tutors and tutored are assigned. 

We leave you with some photos of the Informative Talks and Tutor/Tutored Assignation Sessions. Later we will share with you the different activities that are carried out throughout the year as part of the application of the TEI Programme.