World Clean Up Day 2018

16th September 18


Yesterday World Clean Up Day was celebrated. It was a day when volunteers from all over the world united to clean up rubbish and waste from our beaches, rivers, forests and streets.

This initiative began in Estonia and has been celebrated for the last 10 years. It spread to the rest of the world and thanks to the union of citizens they are achieving incredible things, cooperating and collaborating among each other. The aim is for a clean and healthy planet.

Our School belongs to the Eco-School school network and has supported and encouraged participation among the students so that with everybody´s help we can achieve a cleaner planet, involving families and friends.

One of our main learning projects is to make our pupils aware of the importance of looking after the environment from an early age.

We leave you with a mosaic made by photographs of all our students taking part in World Clean Up Day 2018.