Month: October 2018

Happy Halloween 2018

31st October 18

 The youngest pupils of the School have had fun celebrating Halloween. They have learned about the festival through stories, games and dances, and they have also enjoyed a Halloween breakfast which they loved. Thank you to all the families for creating these disguises, they are fantastic! They have frightened the whole school! Trick or treat?…

Mother Courage Volunteer

29th October 18

  Secondary pupils have already started their volunteer work in Mother Courage, as part of the School Volunteering Programme CAS. On this occasion they went to Mother Courage,where after a short intoductory talk and a video about its founder, which incidentally was very enriching, they went into the work shed and did volunteer work in…

I Indagare Meeting of International Baccalaureate students

27th October 18

  This weekend our pupil María Molina has presented her lines of investigation about the number e in the I Indagare Meeting of International Baccalaureate students in Colmenar Viejo, organized by IES Rosa Chacel. This weekend IB pupils from several schools have done a series of presentations in which they put forward the fundamental keys…

Trip to La Suara

26th October 18

  Pupils from 4th year Primary enjoyed a lovely day in the country in order to learn about how physical activity affects our  body, for example, performing different postures and be coming aware of the different muscles which make up our body. They learned to appreciate how healthy and beneficial it is to be in…

Fire Drill

24th October 18

  This Monday we had a Fire Drill supervised by Civil Protection. After the alarm sounded students followed the instructions of their teachers and School staff, managing to get out in time and in an orderly way. The youngest pupils did it really well and stayed calm at all times. With these experiences we are…

Mission to Mars – IPC

24th October 18

  Recently arrived from “Mars”, 6th year Primary pupils gave a Press Conference about their IPC Exit Point where they could tell us about all the scientific knowledge they have learned walking on Mars. This activity is always a magnificent learning experience where students test their public speaking skills, the knowledge learned, which in this…

Introduction to Digital Manufacturing Workshop

23rd October 18

    Yesterday the first Introduction to Digital Manufacturing Workshop was held in the School Fab Lab, taught by José Luis García Deza, Austen Gardner and Israel Goitom. Parents of pupils enjoyed an introductory class when they learned what a Fab Lab is what there is in a Fab Lab and what their children learn…

Making Bread – IPC

23rd October 18

  5th  year Primary students have been making bread in the School kitchens as part of their IPC Exit Point: Making Bread. It has been a fantastic way of reinforcing  the knowledge learned during this unit. The students have had great  fun and also enjoyed a delicious afternoon snack before the end of the School…

Solidarity Boxes

22nd October 18

    Operation christmas Child is already under way! School wants to collaborate once again by giving the families of our pupils the opportunity to help children from  Ukraine,  Saharawi camps and Togo to receive these boxes which transform the communities when they arrive. Celebrations, songs, dances and incredible excitement in each one of them….

XXXIX City of Jerez fun run

22nd October 18

  Yesterday our Laude El Altillo School pupils took part in the XXXIX City of Jerez Fun Run Thank you to Marta Orellana for encouraging and organizing this activity as part of her International Baccalaureate CAS Programme. Marta has learned how to manage the bureaucratic requirements necessary for any oficial event, rallying her classmates and…