USA Exchange 2018

3rd October 18


USA Exchange!

Our pupils have had a fantastic first week in the United States. When they arrived they got to know the facilities and have been able to enjoy their first classes and their first American weekend.

At the beginning they signed up for the sports they will do during their stay which include Volleyball, Hockey, Serious Fitness and Soccer among others.

Some of the clases they have already attended are Biology, History of the East, Innovation Technology or Entrepreneurship Introduction where they learn to adapt to the future times of the job market.

They have had the opportunity to present their Projects and enjoy painting and pottery classes, bringing out their creative side. Film Making Day has been a whole new experience! They will learn to make a short film. At the momen they have learned to use a camara taking different shots and in the next class they will be taught how to edit a film.

To finish, the weekend has given them the opportunity to experience family life and boarding school in a more relaxed way than during the week. They have visited the Chinese market, seen Hockey or Volleyball matches, etc. They have even visited an Amusement Park and New York.

Soon we hope to share more information with you about this unique Exchange visit experience for our students.