Month: November 2018

International Music Day

23rd November 18

  Yesterday 22nd November was International Music Day, the date that Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music, is conmemorated. To celebrate this, pupils from School and the El Altillo Music School wanted to do a special activity. They organized live music in the hall. Many parents were able to enjoy seeing the students sharing…

Lyon Exchange Farewell 2018-2019

23rd November 18

  On Friday we said  goodbye to our students on the Lyon Exchange with an afternoon snack and a farewell video.It has been a fantastic experience, enjoying ourselves with them for three weeks  and  learning together. In Spring it will be our pupils’ turn to go to Lyon. A bientot.  

School of the Future International Congress

23rd November 18

  We would like to congratulate Daniel Escobar, our chess  teacher. Last weekend he took part as a speaker at the School of the Future International Congress. More than 400 teachers went to the event,which was held in Madrid, and more than 2000 people from all over the world, watched it live on the AMEIWAECE…

I Meeting Delegates + Student Council + Senior Management Team

23rd November 18

  The Class Delegates are already working with the Student Council and Senior Management Team. Today they have had their first meeting and have shared viewpoints and common objectives to work on.  

Harvest Festival 2018-2019

23rd November 18

  What a great time the Early Years pupils had during the Harvest Festival which they celebrated today! A fantastic day full of sensorial activities through which they have learned all about this festival. The tradition of Harvest Festival comes from the anglo-saxon countries , and it is to give thanks for the abundance of…

ECO SCHOOL – Zero Waste Breakfasts

22nd November 18

¡5C achieves it! For some time they had been very close to achieving the aim of Zero Waste Breakfasts. Today at last 100% of the class has fulfilled this. It is no doubt thanks to the support they receive at home and their level of awareness. We leave you with some photos where you can…

Visit to San Pablo CEU University

21st November 18

  Our 2nd year Baccalaureate students went to San Pablo CEU University yesterday. The visit consisted of a motivational talk, the presentation of studies the university offers and the grants available to students apart from a tour of the facilities. Thanks once mor to San Pablo CEU University for welcoming our pupils and informing them…

Benefits of the Drama Class

20th November 18

  This week we have gatecrashed the Drama class and it was a fantastic experience. It is fascinating to see how pupils acquire great skills of expression by means of different exercises and performances. There are numerous benefits from learning about this subject and putting it into practice. We highlight some of these: – Promotion…

2nd Year Secondary Trip to Majaceite

17th November 18

  Pupils from 2nd year Secondary enjoyed a fantastic day hiking along the Majaceite river path. This path goes through the Natural Park of the Grazalema Mountain Range, starting at the source of the river in the spring at Benamahoma and ending in El Bosque. It is a beautiful path, surrounded by vegetation thanks to…

IX Scientific Days

16th November 18

  This week we have held the IX Scientific Days LAUDE el Altillo School. Three days filled with activities related to the sciences, with a wide programme where our pupils have been able to learn in a different way. This time the Days have been dedicated to the Periodic Table of the chemical elements: Present…