ECO SCHOOL – Zero Waste Breakfasts

22nd November 18

¡5C achieves it!

For some time they had been very close to achieving the aim of Zero Waste Breakfasts. Today at last 100% of the class has fulfilled this. It is no doubt thanks to the support they receive at home and their level of awareness. We leave you with some photos where you can see the alternatives used to bring their breakfasts.


– Avoid tin foil.
– Avoid cling film.
– Avoid tetra bricks.
– Avoid disposable plastic containers.

We use the following to bring our breakfasts:

– Paper serviettes. 
– Baking paper.
– Tupper ware (Ideally made from stainless steel).
– Fruit and healthy options.

Congratulations to all the pupils in 5C, now you have to keep yourselves on the podium!