Harvest Festival 2018-2019

23rd November 18


What a great time the Early Years pupils had during the Harvest Festival which they celebrated today! A fantastic day full of sensorial activities through which they have learned all about this festival.

The tradition of Harvest Festival comes from the anglo-saxon countries , and it is to give thanks for the abundance of produce harvested in Autumn.

Among the activities carried out, the Early Years pupils have been able to make and taste a rich seasonal fruit salad; they have coloured leaves with Autumn colours to make beautiful trees with all their little leaves. They have sung, and jumped in dry leaves, touching them and feeling Autumn in their hands. They have guessed, and learned through the sense of smell, seasonal fruit which they recognized blindfold. The corncobs are lovely and they really enjoyed making a scarecrow.

To see the photographs of Harvest Festival, please Click aquí.