II Introduction to Digital Manufacturing Workshop

9th November 18


Yesterday the first Introduction to Digital Manufacturing Workshop was held in the School Fab Lab, taught by José Luis García Deza, Austen Gardner and Israel Goitom. Parents of pupils enjoyed an introductory class when they learned what a Fab Lab is, what there is in a Fab Lab, and what their children learn by making use of this area.

 Fab Labs are a global network of laboratories which stimulate creativity providing individuals with the necessary tools for digital manufacturing.

Indispensable machines in a Fab lab:

Laser cutter: For wood, methacrylate,paper, material, etc.

CNC milling machine: For wood, foam, cork, MDF, etc.

3D Printer: For printing with PLA, ABS, Wood, etc.

Vinyl cutting machine: For vinyl, copper paper and materials.

Sublimation: For t-shirts, mugs and subliminable articles.

Presses: For different sized badges.

Many thanks to the parents and alumni who have taken part in the II Introduction to Digital Manufacturing Workshop in our Fab Lab. This is our new work space which students and the community in general can use. We are very pleased that you can enjoy our School in another way, learning and sharing experiences together.

Today we also had a very special visit from our ISP Europe Manager.