ISP Buddy Exchange Programme

7th November 18


The  ISP  Buddy  Exchange  Programme  is a new program starting in November that will  enable  reciprocal  exchanges  between  ISP  schools  for  a  period  of  one  month. It is for  students  aged  between  14  –  17  years  of  age.  

Only two students per ISP school can be a part of the program each year.  Our students have the possibilities to go to: the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Mexico, Malaysia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. So, students will go to one of these countries and study at their exchange partner´s school for one month, then the family will host that student for one month when they come to Spain. 
It  is  an  experience  that  promises  to  offer  students  amazing  and  diverse  learning  opportunities  within  a  safe  and  secure  environment.