Trip to Cazorla – 3º ESO

11th November 18


Pupils from 3rd year Secondary have enjoyed a fantastic trip to Cazorla. On the first day they visited Úbeda, a World Heritage Site, where they were able to journey through the Renaissance period learning about the keystones to what this era meant to  man. The second stop was in Cazorla, where they hiked and rode horses close to the source of the Guadalquivir river. A beautiful location to enjoy nature and an unspoiled environment.

The next day they went to the “Charco del Aceite” and later enjoyed lunch by the El Tranco reservoir, where they went on a boat trip. From the Féliz Rodríguez de la Fuente train they were able to see beautiful animals free in the middle of nature. They finished by visiting Segura de la Sierra and Segura castle.

A great few days enjoying the company of their classmates and teachers, when apart from learning and discovering new places they could savour the local gastronomy.

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