Cultural Visit to Alcázar – 4th year Primary

25th January 19


On Wednesday year 4C Primary visited the Alcázar in Jerez as part of the cultural visits programmed for this term. They learned through play how the Muslims lived, how they built to defend themselves from attacks, the importance they gave to water and personal higiene and how the Muslim society was structured. They were divided into three groups. By means of clues they had to look for an envelope containing information which led them through the different areas – the Arabian baths, the gardens, the medina and the parade ground. In turns, each member of the team read the information and among them all they searched for what they had to find, draw or mark. After finishing the tests, and as a well-deserved reward for how well they had done, the guide took us right to the top of the Octagonal Tower, from where you can see the whole city and surrounding countryside.

It was a very enriching experience and the pupils learned and enjoyed themselves a great deal.