ECO SCHOOL – Spain is going to prohibit single-use plastics

16th January 19


The Evironmental Commission of the Congreso de Diputados is going to immediately put into practise the regulations of single-use plastics. This means that as from 2021 Spain will prohibit products such as plates, utensils, cotton buds and polystyrene containers for food of this material.



Although this regulation has yet to be approved by the European Parliament, “ it marks a before and after” as regards all the management of environmental policies.

However, it is in our hands to contribute to a planet without contamination from plastic by means of Little daily actions and using sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

As consumers we have the power to get manufacturers to take measures if we change the way we spend our money. So, why not use our purchasing power for the good of our environment and oceans.

We should remember that half the plastic we use each year are single use products, like packaging or straws. Single use plastics have a useful life of 12 to 15 minutes; however, they can take between 400 and more than 1000 years to desintegrate.If we all play our part each day, we can contribute to the protection of nature. Do you collaborate with making a healthy planet?

At School we work with our students to make them aware and make it easier for them to act in a responsible way with the planet on a daily basis. Among the actividades that we do is the “Zero waste breakfast”. A great objective that students enjoy doing.

Every little counts and we are joining in. Congratulations boys and girls, carry on like this!