The benefits of extracurricular activities

20th January 19


Extracurricular activities often pose a question for parents. Will they be beneficial for our children? Do they do too many activities?

Well, the truth is that there are many benefits from these types of activities. Whether the activities are sports, music or specific ones like robotics,for example, they are very positive for our children. 

Naturally it depends on age and likes or preferences to choose with the children which activity is likely to be most beneficial for them.

The benefits of physical activities will vary depending on the chosen activity. They influence psychomotor development, strengthen bones and muscles, improve cardiovascular resistance and prevent weight gain and obesity.

They improve hyperactivity or emotional symptoms,having a significant effect on improving school performance. In general they are good for psychoemotional health, also helping socialization and so building better personal and social self esteem.

Sports also encourage team work, respect, tolerance and empathy, basic values which must be worked on constantly, especially during stages when behaviour starts to become more complicated.

At School you can find sports activities such as Rugby, Paddle, Football, Basketball, Ballet, Rythmic Gymnastics and Skating. Musical activities include piano and guitar, and others like Art or Robotics. All of these are led by good professionals who work each day to make learning positive and beneficial for the student, making sure they enjoy themselves practicing what they like to do.

Providing extracurricular classes at School is not only an advantage for parents, to avoid taking and fetching to and from different locations, but also creates more involvement with the educational Centre.

We attach the link to Extracurricular Activities available at School.