Canada Exchange 2019

13th February 19



1st year Baccalaureate students have had a unique experience with the Canada exchange trip together with their teacher John Kennedy. That is their opinión, not ours. They would recommend it without doubt to any classmate or friend, and without blinking they would get on an aeroplane destined for Canada, but this time for longer than three weeks which was not enough.

This sort of exchange programme is not only enriching as regards language, but the trip in itself, living with an unknown family, integrating into an educational community, without mentioning the cultural differences they may find. This provides much more than we think for our pupils. An experience which allows them to grow both academically and personally.

During the exchange trip which took place in Montreal, they have got to know the city and surroundings, doing different activities with the School and the host families.

Hockey matches, ice-skating, long walks on the Subterranean Pedestrain Network in Montreal, trips to the snow and a long list which make great experiences for the students and make it a unique exchange trip.

Soon we will share with you the first hand accounts of the students who have enjoyed this great trip.