ECO SCHOOL – Competition “Young Reporters for the environment”

18th February 19


As part of our Ecoschool Project and in collaboration with ADEAC, our 6th year Primary and 1st year Secondary pupils will take part in the programme “ Young Reporters for the Environment – Litter Less”. Before next 27th February (inclusive) students should present a photograph accompanied by a brief text or a videoclip which denounces a local REFUSE problem, as well as suggesting solutions to deal with the said problem.

Clearly it is a great opportunity created by “Young Reporters for the Environment” (YRE) to highlight local environmental injustices and for their voices to be heard by society and those authorities responsible for these problems.

The winners of the competition at national level will go on to the following international stage. We will also organize an internal competition at School. Students who win our internal competition will also be rewarded.


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