Volunteer Work – Music in the Hospital

18th February 19


As part of LAUDE El Altillo School volunteer work Programme, last Monday 25th February a group of 7 pupils from Secondary and Baccalaureate visited the Jerez General Hospital, in particular the Dialysis Unit and the Day Hospital. Students played various musical pieces (piano and guitar) with considerable talent. One of the girls also sang some songs in English accompanied by the piano. This wasn´t the first visit as last year visits have been made to the Paedriatic Day Hospital, Paedriatic classroom, Dialysis and adult Day Hospital. It was a very gratifying experience, as beneficial for the patients as the pupils. All the time spent practising was worth it. The waiting time for patients passed quickly and students have learned a lesson they will always remember.

Congratulations for this fantastic initiative and many thanks to the General Hospital for opening its doors to us.