XIV Cadiz Deputation chess trophy final

11th February 19


This Saturday the final of the Cadiz Deputation Chess Trophy took place. The Provincial Sports Games of individual School Chess which classify for the Andalusian championships. 125 students from all over the province have taken part, of which 19 were from our School.

We are happy with the results and very proud of our students. Below we g¡ve you a summary of the results.

By categories, the most outstanding results are as follows:

Under 8: Alberto Escobar runner up in spite of being in 1st grade ( 1st and 2nd grade play together. All categories encompass two grade years.

Under 10: Nicholas Kowalski 8th and classified for the Andalusian games. Alba Pérez, female bronze, Inés Zhang 5th and Celia Pérez 6th. Gonzalo Toribio, Alex Zhang and Pablo Zhu Ma (he only played the first round) also obtained good results.

Under 12: 2nd place for Benjamín Velasco and female champion Martina Pérez. Javier Bernal and Miguel Diaz also took part with 3 and 1.5 points respectively.

Under 14: 11th place for pablo Martín. A good tournament for Miguel Bazán, Daniel Sánchez and Paola González although the second two could only play the first round.

Under 16: Female champion Berta Fernández and a great tournament for Arturo Hinojos and Pablo Cantero who could only play the first round.

A great perfomance from our students who have classified an important number of players for the Andalusian championships which will be held from 25th to 28th April in Roquetas de Mar (Almería).