Month: March 2019

SRT II International University Fair

29th March 19

    For the second year running our School gym was converted into a fantastic University Fair for a few hours, when students at present in Bacclaureate can get information about the universities of their interest for the next stage of their education. More than 30 universities were represented with a long list of degree…

Conference by Jorge Flores – A safe use of internet

22nd March 19

  Yesterday afternoon Jorge Flores gave a Conference “ Educating for risk and abuse free enjoyment of mobile phones, social media and video games”. During this meeting for School mothers and fathers, the director of Pantallasamigas set out the main problems which derive from a poor use of internet, social media and video games ,…

Climate Change 2019

16th March 19

  To celebrate International Climatic Change Day, our pupils have voluntarily joined in with their messages against climatic change. The Eco-School Department works on making children aware of the importance of how we treat the earth from an early age. We should all be responsible for how we look after the planet, they are our…

Buenavista Farm School 2019

15th March 19

    Pupils from 2nd and 3rd year Primary have enjoyed a few days at the Buenavista Farm School, which has been their home for a few days. For some children it was the first time away from their families. The farm is in the middle of the countryside which is perfect for learning about…

Music School – Trinity College

12th March 19

    Each year, Trinity College London supports the musical education of thousands of students with examinations that are graded from beginners right up to very advanced level. Offering this possibility to our pupils is a new opportunity for them to grow as they will not only continue to learn and enjoy music but also…

8 th March – International Women´s Day

12th March 19

      “Women´s Day is held to conmemorate the work of thousands of women throughout history. We have made these murals to make visible women who have had an impact on our lives. Not only amous women, but also heroines around us. Mothers, grandmothers, teachers, scientists, activists, sportswomen, artists….. All of them are fighters,…

Motivational Breakfast

12th March 19

  4th year Secondary students have met with the Senior Management Team to enjoy breakfast together and talk about the new academic stage awaiting them: Baccalaureate. We listen to their questions, resolve their doubts, exchange impressions, see what makes them excited, what they expect from the new academic stage..many questions which need to be answered….

Trip to Córdoba 2019 – 5ºEPO

12th March 19

  The trip to Cordoba has been an incredible experience for our pupils. We have been able to see the beautiful Cordoba mountain range where pupils have seen and discovered not only flora and typical rock formations but also ammonites and fossils from millions of years ago. They have enjoyed multi-adventure activities as well as…

ECO SCHOOL – YRE Competition Litter Less

11th March 19

  As we already mentioned last month, our 6th year Primary and 1st year Secondary pupils are going to take part in the “Young Reporters for the Environment” Competition click here to learn more about the competition. We have received many photographs from our 6th year Primary and 1st year Secondary pupils for the Litter Less campaign…

School Chess Games Jerez Finals

7th March 19

  Yesterday the finals of School Chess Games in Jerez took place. About 100 finalists competed for victory in sessions of games in which sportsmanship, respect and the desire to have a good time playing chess took precedence.A great atmosphere which is already becoming the norm at our meetings. Our school is very happy with…