8 th March – International Women´s Day

12th March 19




“Women´s Day is held to conmemorate the work of thousands of women throughout history. We have made these murals to make visible women who have had an impact on our lives. Not only amous women, but also heroines around us. Mothers, grandmothers, teachers, scientists, activists, sportswomen, artists….. All of them are fighters, and by means of these murals we want to thank them for their daily effort”.

These emotional words from one of our students summarizes to perfection our gesture on Women´s Day, held on March 8th.

All the pupils in the School from Primary to Baccalaureate have created a gigantic mural where they display those women who they admire and explain the reasons for their admiration. A beautiful piece of work which they have created with care and which have covered our walls with history, a history which is changing thanks to the lives, attitudes, courage and effort of all those women who appear there.