Buenavista Farm School 2019

15th March 19



Pupils from 2nd and 3rd year Primary have enjoyed a few days at the Buenavista Farm School, which has been their home for a few days. For some children it was the first time away from their families.

The farm is in the middle of the countryside which is perfect for learning about what nature gives us each day. Pupils have done various activities and workshops in which they have got closer to farming and learned how to get the best out of the country by looking after it, the same as with farm animals.They have ridden horses, milked cows and goats, worked as bee keepers in order to learn about this amazing job which allows us to enjoy delicious honey. The orchard and vegetable garden have helped them to understand how to obtain fruit and vegetables and how to look after the earth so that seeds will grow.

The hiking trails near to the Guadalete river and its tributary to Majaceite has meant they could walk in the countryside, enjoying the scenery and the company of their classmates and teachers, learning about the local flora.

There has also been laughter and a great atmosphere in the workshops where they have learned how to make bread, tapestries, pottery or wicker work, apart from the late evening activities which are always magical.

A unique learning experience to do again.