Conference by Jorge Flores – A safe use of internet

22nd March 19


Yesterday afternoon Jorge Flores gave a Conference “ Educating for risk and abuse free enjoyment of mobile phones, social media and video games”. During this meeting for School mothers and fathers, the director of Pantallasamigas set out the main problems which derive from a poor use of internet, social media and video games , providing tools and resources to use at home with our children in order to avoid these problems and as the title indicates, teach them how to enjoy internet without risks.

In the technological world we live in, sometimes it is hard to help our children  manage their time, not to spend too much time on their mobile, on social media or screens in general, limiting their time in order to avoid possible future harm. But although it is difficult, it is possible. This is the encouragement received from Jorge Flores, and he gave us the guidelines to put into practice at home. Without doubt communication is one of the keys.

We leave you with the link to the Pantallasamigas web page where you can find resources to use with your children to avoid possible harm or simply a poor use of technology.