Gabriel is already enjoying the Buddy Exchange Programme

7th March 19


The Buddy Exchange Programme allows for reciprocal learning exchanges among ISP schools for a month for 14 to 17 year olds, which gives our students a unique opportunity to connect with other people, cultures and countries, offering another truly collaborative learning experience.

In this way they can obtain learning skills in the real world and greater independance. They plan and prepare themselves for a tripa round the world, they live in a new place, learn to live with a new family and they have the opportunity to get on in a new learning environment. The programme offers a memorable international and cultural learning experience, letting students develop their language skills, communicate ideas in a different way, share good methods and form long lasting friendships all over the world.

Gabriel came from Mexico at the end of February, from the Thomas Jefferson Institute in Querétaro. This exchange is giving him the fantastic opportunity to learn in a safe environment with projects and work at the same level of learning as he was used to.

We are very pleased to have him with us and we hope he enjoys his stay in Spain.

Enjoy learning!