Music School – Trinity College

12th March 19



Each year, Trinity College London supports the musical education of thousands of students with examinations that are graded from beginners right up to very advanced level. Offering this possibility to our pupils is a new opportunity for them to grow as they will not only continue to learn and enjoy music but also increase the learning benefits of these subjects.  They will learn constructive criticism, discover their weak points in order to work on and stregthen them, and also show their progression step by step.

 We think it can be very motivating and satisfying for our pupils to focus their musical education not only on learning and enjoying music, which is the most imporant thing,but also knowing that their effort and dedication will be rewarded.

The Trinity College London graded examinations and diplomas include performing, teaching, theory of music and composing,all of which are fully accredited by the relevant UK regulatory bodies.

We leave you with a video which summarizes what these examinations are about and encourage you to ask for information from our Authorized Music and Dance School, witing to or calling the following numbers 956 302 400 or 671 698 845.