Trip to Córdoba 2019 – 5ºEPO

12th March 19


The trip to Cordoba has been an incredible experience for our pupils. We have been able to see the beautiful Cordoba mountain range where pupils have seen and discovered not only flora and typical rock formations but also ammonites and fossils from millions of years ago.

They have enjoyed multi-adventure activities as well as traditional games in the open air, with their classmates, teachers and monitors.

Apart from a few days in the countryside they have also visited the monumental Mosque in Cordoba, where they have learned from two fantastic guides about how over the centuries different civilizations have changed the city and its buildings, including the Mosque

We have also had great fun. The best moment was the magic show when we enjoyed the “Magic Night”. It was an intense and exciting experience and the pupils were amazed when a hamster and a fish appeared by art of magic after the cha cha cha, and the most surprised were the ones who were allowed to take them home to Jerez.

Also every cloud has a silver lining. Due to bad weather the activity programmed for the last day could not take place so we had to do plan B, which was visiting the Cabra Jurassic Museum, an amazing place where students learned a lot about the sea of tetis, ammonites, and all kinds of fossils, apart from the restoration of these discoveries. 

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