Humanities and Book Week 2019

16th April 19



Obviously the main objective of celebrating Book Day is to encourage interest in reading and respecting the production and hard work of writers. However, at LAUDE El Altillo School we try to promote other vitally important aspects in our pupils which lead them to a process of motivation in educational habits which are essential for their social progress. That is why we unite Cultural Week, Humanities and Book Day all in one.

Nowadays, in a globalized society we believe that know how and knowledge should be a reference through which the autonomy of each individual transmits depending on his/her own reason which is where personal training lies.

The objectives of all the activities proposed for these days endorse this idea:


  • Learn how to work on various artistic areas with activities prepared for this and by means of visits to places of great cultural interest.
  • Enjoy the emotions created by the connection between music and literature.
  • Improve communication and expressive abilities of our pupils.
  • Help to improve relationships within the group

We leave you with some pictures which summarize this week filled with art and humanities, in which visits by the writers Francisco Díaz Valladares and Pepe Carrasco have completed a great programme of activities. 

We would like to highlight the Poetry Recital by pupils and led by Miss Rubio, who through their hard work and effort, apart from talent, have taken us to the Prado Museum through their works of art, accompanied by different poems.