Literary Contest  2019

24th April 19



For International Book Day, the awards for the Literary Contest 2019 were given out. An act in which many aspects students have put into practice at the time of presenting their writing were acknowledged. This year is dedicated to grandparents, important people in our lives. In this way we try to encourage intergenerational dialogue, give greater voice to the elderly as well as thinking about our history and memory. During several days pupils have taken turns in presenting the stories they have written, surprising us with their lovely tales when they have also let their imagination run free. Young writers who not only deserve the praise of their teachers but also their classmates. We also took the opportunity to give ou the prizes for the “Best Speaker”, which were awarded to those pupils who make a greater effort speaking in English or French.

Congratulations to everybody for all your effort. We loved your stories and  seeing your excitement on receiving your well deserved prizes!

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Certamen Literario 2019