Non Uniform Day 2019

9th April 19


Today has been our “Non Uniform Day”. This is the sixth consecutive year, and each year it is more successful.
The aim is clear, to buy a cow through the Irish NGO BOTHAR, headed by Peter Ireto, who visited us last week to see our Baccalaureate students and explain the work done by the NGO and how a farm animal can change the life of a little village. With the funds they raise they buy farm animals and send them to the most vulnerable zones of Europe and Africa. William Jones, coordinator of the NGO CambiaVidas (ChangeLives) in Sanlucar de Barrameda was also present.

Soon we will let you know how much our Baccalaureate pupils have raised throughout School. It is amazing to see how they get involved in charitable causes and how much they are committed to them, and it makes us really pleased.

Thanks to everybody for collaborating, it is for a good cause.