XVII Open International Chess BMW MoviJerez – LAUDE El Altillo School

7th April 19



Yesterday April 6th the XVII International Open Chess BMW MoviJerez – El Altillo School took place at the Centre, thanks to the sponsorship  of the prestigious BMW MoviJerez. The competition began at 10.00 am and finished after the prize giving ceremony at about 8.00 pm.

A fantastic day of enjoying each other’s company, competition and lots of Chess. The event hosted the Junior Trophy and the International Open, apart from being the Cadiz University Championship for the collaboration agreement with UCA.

All the Chess players and their families enjoyed a delicious meal from the School kitchen. Later on, when the competition had finished, prizes were awarded  by Policarpo Requejo, sales manager for BMW – Mini MoviJerez.

A Chess celebration where once again we saw companionship, sportsmanship, getting on together an a clear passion for Chess.

We leave you with a link to photographs of the occasion.