Month: May 2019


25th May 19

Yesteray 24th May pupils from 1st to 6th year Primary had a great time during XII Science Day. The organization and development of this event aims to relate and disclose scientific knowledge with experiments and artistic and sports activities. On this occasion, the youngest Primary pupils from 1st and 2nd years have been able to…

HIKING CLUB – Straits of Gibraltar Natural Park

25th May 19

Last Saturday 1st June our Club visited the Straits of Gibraltar Natural Park, from Punta Paloma to Betijuelo and Barranco del Puerco. This hiking trail starts at the Necropolis of Algarbes and we were pleasantly surprised to see how and where our ancestors said goodbye to their loved ones, in the Chalcolithic, five thousand years…

ISP Challenge X SCU

3rd May 19

  As you may know, the International Schools Partnership (ISP) recently launched a partnership with Street Child United (SCU), a charity that seeks to improve the lives and protect the rights of street-connected young people across the globe.   Our partnership with SCU gives us the opportunity to support some of the most vulnerable people in the world.ISP will support and promote SCU’s work over the next…

III Debating Competition ISP – Fontenebro

3rd May 19

    During the 6th and 7th of May the III Debating Competition has taken place at LAUDE Fontenebro, located in Moralzarzal (Madrid), where pupils and teachers from the 10 Spanish schools that belong to the ISP chain have met. The aim of the meeting is for the four pupils who represent each one of…