HIKING CLUB – Straits of Gibraltar Natural Park

25th May 19

Last Saturday 1st June our Club visited the Straits of Gibraltar Natural Park, from Punta Paloma to Betijuelo and Barranco del Puerco. This hiking trail starts at the Necropolis of Algarbes and we were pleasantly surprised to see how and where our ancestors said goodbye to their loved ones, in the Chalcolithic, five thousand years ago. We walked up to Betijuelo and from its geodetic point we could spot the mountains of Africa, the Dune in Bolonia, Tarifa, and the choppy waters of the straits due to the strong East wind. This wind made it imposible to bathe in the sea although it didn´t prevent us from enjoying ourselves throughout the walk. During this academic year, besides this Park, we have hiked in the Grazalema Natural Park and the Alcornocales Natural Park. We learned more about our natural environment, we did exercise and we now know more about our ancestral culture.
Thanks to everybody for your company, conpanionship and help. Our land is so beautiful! Click on the image to see the complete photograph álbum.