III Debating Competition ISP – Fontenebro

3rd May 19



During the 6th and 7th of May the III Debating Competition has taken place at LAUDE Fontenebro, located in Moralzarzal (Madrid), where pupils and teachers from the 10 Spanish schools that belong to the ISP chain have met.

The aim of the meeting is for the four pupils who represent each one of the schools to take part in the organized debates and show their public speaking skills, their high level of English and the passion they feel by putting forward their opinions on the issues discussed.

Our school had a fantastic representation, with a great debate team formed by Louie Summers, José Rodríguez Rodríguez, Jaime Pérez Díaz and Nicolás Jiménez Calderón. The work and dedication of the team paid off. They have also enjoyed two fantastic days together with pupils and teachers from all the ISP schools in Spain.

A learning experience which strengthens all the work done at School, and also provides a great opportunity for pupils to put their knowledge into practice and motivate them to face new challenges.

We would like to congratulate the four pupils and Miss McClintic who took part with them in the competition. We also want to congratulate Louie Summers who was chosen as one of the best three students in the debate, acknowledging his outstanding performance. Congratulations Louie! 

Thanks to LAUDE Fontenebro for looking after them so well and also thanks to International Partnership Schools for offering this fantastic learning opportunity to all the spanish schools in the chain.

Until next time!