ISP Challenge X SCU

3rd May 19


As you may know, the International Schools Partnership (ISP) recently launched a partnership with Street Child United (SCU), charity that seeks to improve the lives and protect the rights of street-connected young people across the globe.  

Our partnership with SCU gives us the opportunity to support some of the most vulnerable people in the world.ISP will support and promote SCU’s work over the next four years through initiatives that both raise awareness and money for street-connected children. Students, parents and staff will start to learn much more about the difficulties these young people face every day and we will be able to campaign to change the negative perceptions and treatment that they face everywhere..

One of ISP’s core principles, as a group of schools, is to develop initiatives which encourage values among our students. For  SCU, children are also at the heart of everything they do, with the aspirational aim that no child should live on the streets.

Raising awareness among our students about this issue will put them in a good place in the future to help make changes for the better.

Today the first initiative of this project “ ISP Schools around the world Challenge” has taken place. We have walked in order to join with the challenges of the rest of the schools with the aim of reaching 40.075km in 24 hours, which represents the length of the circumference of the world. Pupils from 4th year Primary to 3rd year Secondary have joined in with this initiative and have walked the streets of Jerez, not only to complete the challenge but also to make this problem visible. We should  keep children from living on the streets.

We leave you with the link to the NGO Street Child United where the donations of the participants will be immediately paid.

Thank you all for your collaboration and solidarity!