25th May 19

Yesteray 24th May pupils from 1st to 6th year Primary had a great time during XII Science Day. The organization and development of this event aims to relate and disclose scientific knowledge with experiments and artistic and sports activities. On this occasion, the youngest Primary pupils from 1st and 2nd years have been able to learn about chemical reactions, how to mix substances and make their own
plasticine, they have played with optical illusions , improving their motor skills and they have made their own bubble blowing liquid.
3rd and 4th year pupils have travelled into the past to experiment how prehistoric man lived and they have learned how to clean water by means of making a filter. They have seen that some substances have specific characteristics which makes them change their state, and they have gone in search of treasure. They have understood aspects of optical geometry by making a kaleidoscope and practised their defence strategies playing chess.

Finally the older pupils have enjoyed a delicious icecream while learning it is possible to lower the freezing point. They have made an electromagnetic motor, realized that some drinks are healthier than others depending on how much sugar they contain,the importance of looking after the oceans and not contaminating them with plastic by making plastic jelly fish and they have done programming activities and played with words.

All this took place in an enjoyable learning environment with pupils having fun and getting on with each other, the older ones taking part as volunteers and the youngest who were the protagonists of Science Day. Fun learning is possible!

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