Month: September 2019

Swimming Lessons

30th September 19

What should I take to swimming lessons? We include a reminder of everything necessary for 5 year old pupils to have a fantastic time enjoying themselves and learning how to be more self-sufficient  when they are at the swimming pool.

World Cleanup Day 2019

26th September 19

On 21st September 2019 World Clean up Day is celebrated. The WCD is the greatest civil civilization in history to make people aware of the environmental disaster regarding refuse which threatens the lives of people and other forms of life on the planet. A worldwide event which unites millions of people in more than 160…

 LAUDE El Altillo Football School

26th September 19

This new season Laude El Altillo Football School  aims to dedícate 100% of our knowledge to this gratifying and fantastic way of training and educating your children through sport. We are not only looking at technical, tactical, stragecical and physical aims but also at pyschological, social and human ones. We want to use sports values to encourage…

II Montesierra International Chess Open

16th September 19

The player from Club Shahmat Sanlúcar Elías Oñate was proclaimed winner of the II Montesierra Chess Open. The International Federation master Francisco Javier Cruz Ravina and the cuban Ernesto Pérez Griñán tied in second place. This second edition, held on Saturday 14th September at our School, was a very equally matched Open which was decided…

Welcome back to a New School Year!

2nd September 19

Today we welcome all our staff, who after their well-deserved holidays come back to their jobs to do their best and work hard in order to continue to offer an excellent education. We also give a warm welcome to new teachers. A great team which begins this new academic year 2019 – 2020 with the…