Category: Infants

¡We already have winning Houses!

4th November 19

This year, as a new feature, we will have the “House System “ at School. It is a traditional characteristic of British schools. Historically “House” comes from the dormitory or boarding house of British boarding schools. As a way of improving coexistence of pupils at school there was a need to organize games, sports and…

Afternoon Snack With Grandparents 2019

29th October 19

On Friday our traditional Afternoon Snack With Grandparents took place, and as always, students prepared a widely varied spread of snacks to sell. On this occasion, everything collected will go to the NGO Aikovese. We would like to thank all those who attended for their collaboration and especially all those pupils form 6th year Primary…

Swimming Lessons

30th September 19

What should I take to swimming lessons? We include a reminder of everything necessary for 5 year old pupils to have a fantastic time enjoying themselves and learning how to be more self-sufficient  when they are at the swimming pool.

World Cleanup Day 2019

26th September 19

On 21st September 2019 World Clean up Day is celebrated. The WCD is the greatest civil civilization in history to make people aware of the environmental disaster regarding refuse which threatens the lives of people and other forms of life on the planet. A worldwide event which unites millions of people in more than 160…

Welcome back to a New School Year!

2nd September 19

Today we welcome all our staff, who after their well-deserved holidays come back to their jobs to do their best and work hard in order to continue to offer an excellent education. We also give a warm welcome to new teachers. A great team which begins this new academic year 2019 – 2020 with the…

End of Year Festival Early Years 2019

18th June 19

On Wednesday 12th June the Early Years Festival took place, with performances by our little ones. From Early Years 1 year olds, who captivated the public with their old fashioned swim wear, to 5 year old pupils. Each year and group shone with their own light due to the happiness on their smiling faces. A…

Early Years Graduation 2019

18th June 19

Last week we held the Early Years Graduation Ceremony for pupils in year group 2016-2019. It was an emotional and exciting experience when the boys and girls sang songs in English, French and Spanish, apart from reciting poems and it was a memorable moment for teachers and families alike. We are pleased to know that…