Eco School

We are very concerned about protecting the environment. This is why we have been working on the Ecoescuela project for several years.

Our aim is to make students aware of the value of saving energy and recycling through practical means: doing as many activities as possible to protect the environment.

The project is aimed at students in 3rd ESO, with the collaboration of the rest of the school, including Primary and Early Years. The students in 3rd ESO visit the classrooms and tell other students about the Ecoescuela project and the different ways they can take part. The notice board for Ecoescuela also has information for the students.

The Eco-Code of Conduct is a mission for the whole school community. It must abide by the fundamental values of the school and its commitment to improving environmental attitudes and achieving a sustainable future.

The Eco-Code is one of the main goals of the school’s action plan and includes real actions that students and staff can carry out.

The Eco-Code must be displayed in all classrooms, on the school Ecoescuela notice board, in common areas and in the staff room. The contents of the code must be reviewed regularly to ensure that it reflects the ecological goals and standards of the school as new topics are added.

Students must take part in writing this code because it enhances their sense of ownership and responsibility towards the programme and its values.

The Eco-Code is a set of ecological rules and regulations chosen by the school to help the planet.